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    The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulations identify 7 B2B and 8 B2C Key Function roles that must be filled by iGaming companies. Each Key Function has its own set of requirements that the candidate is obliged to fulfil in order to take on the duties and responsibilities of the respective role.

    The Key Function roles include

    1. CEO: The Chief Executive role
    2. COO: Operations & Finance management
    3. Head of Compliance
    4. Head of Legal
    5. DPO: Data Protection Officer
    6. MLRO: Money Laundering Reporting Officer
    7. CTO Technological affairs (including CISO responsibilities)
    8. Internal Audit

    General Requirements:

    Role description and responsibilities can vary from one company to another. For general requirements pertaining to all roles please visit the MGA’s ‘Policy on the Eligibility and Ongoing Competency Criteria for Key Persons

    How can AE Business Advisors help?

    At AE we have been supporting our clients for more than two decades and we are here to continue assisting businesses in the iGaming community to smoothly navigate and implement the necessary changes that come with this development.

    We can immediately provide key persons for the roles of compliance, legal, internal audit, and data privacy, who already meet the new MGA requirements, and together with our recruitment partner, Exacta, we can help you swiftly recruit the key persons you require, who will fulfil all updated prerequisites for the remaining roles.

    We look forward to supporting you through this new chapter by providing you with 360-degree assistance to ensure the changes are made in a timely, efficient manner, with minimal disruption to your business operations.

    Get in touch today on or +356 2095 8200.