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Our tailored and fully customisable tax solutions are available to local and international clients.

What AE Business Advisors can do for you

Choosing the legal structure on which to build, grow or restructure a business is one of the most important decisions that needs to be taken. Not only will this determine the manner in which your business is taxed but it will also impact your tax liabilities as a shareholder.  

The Maltese tax code does away with the economic double taxation of business profits. Generally, Malta does not impose tax upon dividends deriving from corporate profits.

 AE’s team of specialists responds swiftly to client needs to develop structures in single or multiple jurisdictions. Our knowledge spans the entire spectrum, from personal and corporate tax, covering both direct and indirect taxation. Reach out now, or read on to learn more.

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AE Tax Services

Corporate Tax in Malta

Learn how we can help corporate entities benefit from Malta’s unique tax structure.

Tax Refunds in Malta

Benefit from Malta’s corporate tax refund system, allowing a full or partial refund of the tax paid.

International Tax

Take advantage of our knowledge of complex, cross-border tax structures to minimise, or even defer, tax.

Tax Audits

We provide guidance and representation throughout the entire process of a tax investigation.

Capital Gains and Property Transfer Tax

Whether it’s local or international, our conveyance specialists will make light work of each transaction and maximise profit.

Personal Tax and Wealth Management

Our tailored approach for private clients sets up optimal tax structures based around individual circumstances.

Malta Residency and Tax Registration

Residents in Malta benefit from favourable tax laws. Find out how you can benefit or become a resident.

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AE Structuring Services

Company Formation

Get your operation off. the ground alongside the lowest corporate tax available in the EU.

Registration of an overseas company

We help foreign companies build ties with Malta to engage the island’s optimised tax and VAT systems.

Re-domiciliation of companies

AE’s experts can help you migrate your company to Malta quickly and without complication.

Provision of corporate services

Our support services encompass management, office registration, secretarial support, shareholder nomination and more.


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