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    Role Description:

    The role requires an experienced individual to join a talented team and assist in the delivery of risk management services through systematic and disciplined approaches. The Internal Auditor will be tasked with increasing the value of and enhancing company operations, ensuring all procedures are working seamlessly.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Carry out internal audit procedures and work within the established time frames, while maintaining adequate documentation.
    • Implement the Internal Audit Plan, helping combine the internal audit work program and developing the internal audit scope.
    • Plot systems, recognise weaknesses, and supply methodical business recommendations to ameliorate existing internal corporate governance structures and internal control procedures.
    • Evolve project plans and monitor their progress; prepare and maintain status reports and schedules, track milestones/deliverables and dependencies.
    • Put together any relevant reports and summaries to make certain that all information is passed on to interested parties, including senior management, department heads, and external regulatory bodies, within a timely manner.
    • Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of operations including non-financial cycles.
    • Report to senior and draw up internal audit reports that showcase the results of the work performed.
    • Take on the responsibility of looking into any suspicious activity reported by the client and third parties and pass on the information to management.
    • Follow up on outstanding recommendations.
    • Support and train junior members within the team.

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • MQF Level 7 qualification in Accountancy or Bachelor of Accountancy (Honours) or completion of an ACCA/similar certification.
    • Knowledge of Accounting with a background in IFRSs.
    • Strong analytical skills and the enthusiasm to master new business processes across different industries.
    • Strong report writing skills, paired with an eye for detail.
    • Excellent communication skills, strong integrity and respect to fellow employees and clients alike.
    • An optimistic outlook and preparedness to work in a dynamic, cross-disciplinary team

    The above description is indicative and may vary from one organisation to another.

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