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    Role Description:

    The DPO is responsible for leading data protection practices whilst designing and supporting data protection awareness. Excellent communication skills, together with expertise in data protection laws including an in-depth understanding of GDPR, are required for this role. The DPO is the main point of contact for staff and regulators on issues connected to data protection.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Keep abreast with legislation and execute privacy impact assessments.
    • Develop, maintain, and implement a data protection and privacy risk framework and processes.
    • Supervise the implementation of controls to make sure all is GDPR compliant and deal with internal and external audits.
    • Ensure breach investigations are executed and incidents are handled and reported to management, the IDPC, and data subjects as needed.
    • Act as DPO in carrying out the requirements stipulated in Article 39 of the GDPR to keep the business and customers’ data safe.

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • Great interest in data protection and relevant qualifications
    • Proven track record of data protection best practices and expert knowledge of GDPR

    The above description is indicative and may vary from one organisation to another.

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