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    The Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) regulations identify 7 B2B and 8 B2C Key Function roles that must be filled by iGaming companies. Each Key Function has its own set of requirements that the candidate is obliged to fulfil in order to take on the duties and responsibilities of the respective role.

    Role Description:

    The CEO is responsible for ensuring company costs remain within budget, as well as recruiting and retaining key team members as identified in the business plan defined by shareholders. The director role facilitates the operational management of the company. Aside from being responsible for teams and operation management of business results, sales, and marketing based in Malta, the CEO must also oversee contractors outside of Malta. Furthermore, the CEO works closely with all other company departments, including Legal, IT, Accounts, Shareholders, and external partners and suppliers.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Determine annual gross-profit plans by working hand in hand with the Chief Sales Officer to implement sales strategies and analyse trends and results.
    • Put sales goals in place by forecasting and developing annual sales quotas for different sections within the company.
    • Work on improving client satisfaction by liaising with production, design, and other stakeholders.
    • Create targets to help improve growth and productivity for individuals, the team, and the company.
    • Sustain sales volume and revenue/profit targets by keeping abreast with current developments, changing trends, economic indicators, and competitors.
    • Devise and put in place the general digital marketing strategy.
    • Manage strategies.
    • Ensure enough resources are present within the company (people, equipment, etc.).
    • Work alongside other managers to devise a long-term company strategy.
    • Establish business plans and strategies to achieve goals.
    • Work as the administrator of all tools used to run the business and operations (such as Slack, GSuite, etc.)
    • Travel internationally, to attend industry trade shows and connect with business associates.
    • Act as the legal representative of EPC Masters.
    • Manage office budgets, keep track of costs, prepare daily and monthly reports.
    • Keep up relationships with partners/vendors/suppliers/banks.
    • Take on responsibility for all HR functions, promoting performance, welfare, and company values.
    • Handle all contracts, work permits, leases, H&S, and Director duties in collaboration with the Legal team.
    • Oversee all office management, including asset management, utilities, maintenance, and organise internal and external events.
    • Represent the company at external events.

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • Minimum of 6 – 10 years of experience working as CMO/COO/CEO, with notable experience in Affiliate Marketing/Account Management/Digital Marketing and managing a team.
    • In-depth knowledge of diverse business processes and strategy development, ideally acquired by having run a business.
    • Good understanding of research methods and data analysis techniques.
    • The ability to reflect on your performance and its influence on the company’s success, excellent knowledge of databases and information systems.
    • BSc/Ba in Business Management or relevant field; MSc/MA will be considered a plus.
    • Fluency in English, strong leadership skills, outstanding organisational and time management skills.
    • Tremendous communication and interpersonal abilities, mature emotional intelligence, clear vision and the ability to improvise.
    • Positivity, loyalty, and investment in the company culture, ability to work independently and as part of a team, patience, firmness, and flexibility, ability to prioritise and multitask
    • Professional and discreet character.

    The above description is indicative and may vary from one organisation to another.

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