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    Role Description:

    The COO is responsible for optimising the company’s operating abilities whilst employing strategies to enhance customer satisfaction. This consists of overseeing the operational processes and day-to day business operations as well as ensuring exceptional customer experience. Several internal departments, including Payments and Fraud, Customer Service, Business Analyses, and Project Management, will report to the COO.

    Key Responsibilities:

    • Work on strategic planning and resource allocation for business operations, hand in hand with the Executive team.
    • Lead strategies that will direct the company’s future and automate processes to be more efficient and scalable.
    • Head organisational expansion activities and ensure business continuity; establish goals targeting performance and growth.
    • Develop, establish, implement, and improve operational business processes and policies.
    • Handle the execution of strategies, particularly strategies related to operational priorities, conflicts and reporting timelines, as well as track success of key strategic projects with stakeholders.
    • Make certain that all customer facing departments are up to quality standards of output and direct them in their processes.
    • Confirm that all operational departments are up to date with new strategic goals and guide them to achieve their goals by making the needed operational changes.
    • Establish performance and operational goals that are tied to long-term goals, for each department.
    • Create and monitor business performance reporting systems to make sure goals are accomplished.
    • Track department performance and compare with performance goals to ensure that progress is being made.
    • Lead the company’s operating capabilities to exceed customer satisfaction and retention, as well as company goals.
    • Help determine the teams that need to collaborate to develop and put in place new operations procedures whilst working in tandem with all the relevant areas.
    • Introduce upgraded processes and innovative technologies to develop a strong and stable workforce.
    • Collaborate with management regarding the implementation of these improvements.
    • Assist the CEO with other duties on an ongoing basis as required.

    Skills and Qualifications:

    • Passion and knowledge of the industry; a proactive attitude, strong organisational and negotiation skills.
    • Excellent project, planning, change and time-management capabilities and a demonstrated ability to lead people and get results through others.
    • Familiarity with IT/Business infrastructure, outstanding verbal and written skills, and experience working with staff on all levels.
    • In possession of a University degree.

    Knowledge and Experience:

    • The ideal candidate would hold five years of operational management experience with a minimum of three years’ experience working within a senior management executive role, with general management, project management and budgetary oversight.

    The above description is indicative and may vary from one organisation to another.

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