Rooted in our core professional strengths, this CSR initiative is centered on our expertise in guiding organisations to be compliant with financial and reporting obligations. While this is a routine part of our daily operations, we’re committed to extend the same high-quality service on a pro bono basis to voluntary organisations which need it.

We hold a strong conviction that compliance and reporting are pivotal to enhance the credibility of voluntary organisations and crucial to uphold and elevate the voluntary sector as a whole.

What will NGOS Gain?

Practical Support

NGOs will receive assistance in setting up a financial report function and closing off pending annual reports. They may also seek legal assistance for the review of statutes and other documents.

2 Year Partnership

The partnership pledge extends for up to two years.

Knowledge Sharing

AE’s commitment includes transferring valuable skills and expertise to empower NGOs to manage these tasks independently.

Compliance Manual

Category 1 NGOs will benefit from a compliance manual developed by AE, fostering awareness of their obligations and ensuring eligibility for future funding opportunities.


Download our compliance sheet

Uncertain about your NGO’s compliance with current regulations? Discover where you stand by downloading our compliance sheet. Non-compliance poses the risk of exclusion and missed funding opportunities for your NGO. We’re here to help – submit your application to get started.


Tied to our 25th anniversary celebrations – our CSR initiative was born out of an internal team challenge. Four visionary teams pitched ideas, planting the seeds of our pro bono commitment to empower and provide impactful support for NGOs.

This initiative embodies our forward-looking dedication to innovation, community, and service, shaping a future enriched with continued success and positive impact.

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