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Malta isn’t your only option if you’re looking for support with iGaming services, so why opt for one of the smallest island countries in Europe? Having ratified its iGaming legal framework in 2004 with the launch of the Remote Gaming Regulations, Malta led the way within the emerging sector. Today, with years of experience and the benefit of hindsight under its belt, the tiny island nation offers a stable and streamlined experience for iGaming ventures within one of the leading remote gaming jurisdictions in Europe.

AE Regulated iGaming Services

iGaming Support Services

Reach out to AE’s iGaming consultancy service for assistance from initiation to ongoing maintenance.

iGaming Licenses

Our team of well-connected professionals will help you obtain your MGA license with minimal back and forth.

iGaming Regulatory Compliance

Stay on top of all iGaming obligations, regulations and conditions with our dedicated compliance specialists.

Starting an iGaming Company in Malta

Our iGaming department provides both existing and start-up operators with advice and support throughout the licensing process.

How AE Can Help

With our head office based in Malta, it was inevitable that iGaming would form one of our core sectors. AE’s dedicated team is equipped with specific knowledge and experience within iGaming, offering both immediate advice and long-term consultancy. Our iGaming services can be tailored to individual needs, ranging from online gaming support services, obtaining a gaming license in Malta, regulatory compliance, and even building a new iGaming company from the ground up. Learn more about AE’s iGaming strategy and consultancy services:

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