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    We help foreign companies build ties with Malta to engage the Island’s optimised tax and VAT systems.

    Insight from AE

    Registration of an Overseas Company in Malta

    There are two ways to register a foreign company in Malta. The first is to set up a company that’s both managed and controlled in Malta, and the second is to create a new branch that’s based on the Island. In either case foreign companies will be able to make the best use of Malta’s network of tax treaties, tax system, and membership of the VAT system. Once the company or branch is established, it must be registered with the Maltese Registrar of Companies within a month. Deciding which option to go with will depend on the motivations of the company, for example, how long they intend to operate in Malta.

    How AE can help

    AE offers clients a range of services designed to handle all tedious bureaucracy and administration. Our team will take care of all the details to ultimately ensure that the branch or company is registered and running, leaving no room for error. Acting as the company’s agent, AE’s corporate services consider all relevant needs and requirements, including setting up a bank account, registering for VAT, establishing a company address and everything in between.