How We Can Help

We are able to assist corporate entities to plan and defer their tax liabilities, allowing the maximum possible utilisation of business profits for dividends and reinvestment. We also provide representation with the Inland Revenue or VAT office in order to obtain advance revenue rulings or resolve assessments or challenges to tax returns.

Malta is the only European Member State, which applies the Full Imputation System of Taxation, whereby tax paid by a company is fully credited against the tax otherwise payable by the company shareholders on dividends distributed by their company. This avoids the economic double taxation of business profits. AE offers tailored tax advice to help clients take the best advantage of the Maltese full imputation system and the refunds available.

Malta has a network of double tax treaties that are designed to help companies avoid paying tax twice on the same income. To help you achieve your business aims in the most tax efficient way, we offer an integrated tax advisory service, providing tax advice, corporate administrative support, accountancy and tax compliance services.