Learn how Malta’s unique tax landscape can transform your business.

Insight from AE Business Advisors 

Entrust the process of your company tax structure to the hands of experts who have been moulded under Malta’s tax system. AE can help you reach your professional potential with a full circle integrated tax advisory service.

Why Malta?

Out of all the European Union Member States, Malta is the only one that applies the Full Imputation System of Taxation. This means that tax paid by a company is fully credited against the tax otherwise payable on dividends by the company shareholders. The result is complete avoidance of economic double taxation of business profits, so that companies will never pay tax twice on the same income.

How we can help?

AE can assist corporate entities to plan and defer their tax liabilities, leaving the company with more profits to distribute across dividends and reinvestment. Our custom services involve a combination of tax advice, corporate administrative support, accountancy and compliance. AE will even provide representation with the Inland Revenue or VAT office in order to obtain advance revenue rulings, resolve assessments and dispute challenges.