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    AE’s experts can help you migrate your company to Malta quickly and without complication.

    Insight from AE

    Redomiciling a company to Malta

    If a company is already incorporated in another country, it’s usually possible to migrate that company over to Malta without the inconvenience of winding up. The Maltese Companies Act provides for cases where companies are legally relocated (or ‘redomiciled’) to Malta. This will allow them to retain their existing structure and avoid the administration and expense of liquidating and re-incorporating. Redomiciliation has benefits that go deeper than just avoiding costs because it also allows the company to retain its historical record and goodwill. Choosing this route will allow stakeholders to focus on the continued, and uninterrupted, growth of the business.

    How AE can help

    Once you’ve made the decision to redomicile your company to Malta, your next step is to set the process in motion. Entrust the entire redomiciliation process to the hands of detail oriented specialists. At AE our team will make sure the transition is smooth and seamless. We offer our clients a comprehensive package of business support services that cover both corporate and back office administration requirements.