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    Setting up a new company doesn’t have to be a cumbersome process. With the help of a talented team, you can get your operation off the ground alongside the lowest corporate tax available in the EU.

    Insight from AE

    Company Formation and Structuring in Malta

    Malta’s corporate tax rate is the lowest in the EU, making it an attractive prospect to entrepreneurs. Clients looking to set up a company in Malta will first be required to engage in an initial consultation with a company who understands the Maltese landscape. This is in order to determine whether or not the country is a suitable home for the operation. The next step is to refer to a team of lawyers who will provide insight as to the best way to structure the company. Once this structure has been agreed, all that remains is the fulfilment of unavoidable bureaucracy and due diligence. All the necessary documentation must be correct and filed in a timely manner, and each requirement established by Maltese law must be satisfactorily met. Every new companies will require a Memorandum of Association (MOA), which must be registered with the appropriate authority. At this point, assuming all the boxes have been ticked, the formation of the company can be finalised within a 48 hour window. It’s completed once all the shareholders have subscribed, and a certificate of registration is issued.

    How AE can help

    Our local and international training means that the AE team are perfectly positioned to give you all the assistance you require to set up your business in Malta. We help stakeholders to benefit from Malta’s favourable corporate tax laws, while also handling all aspects of company formation and structure. Each company is unique in its circumstances, a fact which we take into account ahead of proposing a particular structure or strategy. AE’s approach involves a dedicated team to offer both legal and accounting advice together with company administration. This results in a seamless business service that eliminates unnecessary costs and maximises on value and efficiency. While Malta certainly presents a favourable option, AE is also fully equipped to help clients form companies in other jurisdictions, such as Cyprus and the UK. As the Multilaw agency for Malta, AE benefits from an international network of correspondent offices.