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    Maltese residents are subject to favourable tax laws. Find out how you can benefit or become a resident.

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    Residency and Tax Registration in Malta

    Malta’s tax system allows persons who are resident, but not domiciled, in Malta to pay Maltese tax on income arising in Malta and income arising abroad which gets remitted to Malta. In addition, capital gains arising out of Malta or capital funds which are remitted to Malta are tax free. So how to become a resident of Malta? If you’re an EU citizen the process is simple, as allowed by the EU’s Treaty on Freedom of Movement. However, for non-EU nationals the situation is a little more complex. The simplest way to obtain a residency permit is by finding employment on the Island. But there are other ways to go about it. High net worth individuals or highly qualified personnel can receive residence rights and/or favourable taxation regimes through the Global Residency Programme. Malta has also adopted both the Individual Investment Program (IIP) and a Visa programme, allowing people to reside in Malta against a financial contribution and investment on the Island.

    How AE can help

    The team at AE believes in working with people and not just paperwork. That’s why each new relationship is kicked off by a consultation. At this point we’ll be able to gain an accurate understanding of each client’s needs, expectations and requirements. AE’s complete range of services will help you obtain Maltese residency and organise all tax related necessities, all while ensuring each process is set up in the most cost-efficient way possible. Our team also includes residency specialists who can manage all relocation matters involving estate agents, schools, yacht marina operators, and concierge service providers

    Malta has also adopted citizenship by Individual Investment Program (IIP) which has satisfied the scrutiny of the European Commission. It has also recently passed a Visa programme, whereby the right to reside in Malta is granted to non-EU citizens against a financial contribution and investment on the island.

    After an initial consultation, our team can assist interested parties to choose which strategy best suits their expectations and requirements. AE may also help you by smoothly attaining Maltese residency, sorting out details such as tax registration and ensuring that all tax affairs are handled in the most cost-efficient way possible. In addition, our residency team assists clients throughout the relocation process that includes liaising with estate agents, schools, yacht marina operators as well as concierge service providers amongst others.