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    Take advantage of our knowledge of complex, cross-border tax structures to minimise, or even defer, international tax.

    Insight from AE Business Advisors

    Why Malta?

    Corporate tax in Malta is one of the most favourable tax structures available to corporations. A company could opt to reap the benefits of the system without having to set up and administer a separate corporate structure. The company in question, while registered in a third jurisdiction, will need to register a branch of that company in Malta. Doing so will enable that branch to become subject to Maltese tax law. However, companies looking to establish more permanent ties to the Island might also consider re-domiciliation if the law of that State permits such a transfer.

    How AE can help

    As a company, it’s critical that you choose to work with a team that understands the complexities of cross-border tax. AE is formed of such a team, with a knowhow honed by years of experience across a series of multi jurisdictional cases. AE also works closely with international law firms, ensuring that all advice is legally airtight and informed by the latest legislative developments. AE’s processes ensure that clients will minimise, and in some cases defer payment of tax, thanks to our in depth knowledge of Malta’s Double Tax Treaties full imputation system and tax incentives.

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