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Litigation in Malta

Tax related dispute resolution processes in Malta can take a number of forms but, as with most court litigation, it isn’t the swiftest way to settle a grievance. If an objection to a tax assessment is refuted, the first move is to lodge an appeal with the Administrative Review Tribunal (ART). If this also fails, the next step is to seek a resolution with the Court of Appeal. This Court can be either Inferior or Superior, depending on whether the value of the complaint sits above or below €1.16 million.

How AE can help

If the goal is speed and efficiency, then it would be preferable to take steps to avoid litigation altogether. But if your Income Tax or VAT assessment complaints can only be settled in Court, AE are ready to provide you with unparalleled representation. Our Tax litigators use their knowledge and practical experience of Maltese Law to help clients achieve a fair and effective ruling.

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