Von der Leyen praises Rule of Law Reform Plans

15 July 2020

Steps taken by the Government to reform rule of law provisions in accordance with the Venice Commission recommendations were hailed to be “very encouraging” by the president of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen.


Von der Leyen penned a letter to Prime Minister Robert Abela urging the Maltese Government to keep consulting with the Venice Commission. Proposals by the Maltese Government were agreed upon by the Venice Commission last month. The Council of Europe body held that the proposals were acceptable but needed further refinement.


Bills aiming to implement these proposals into law have since been presented to parliament. Debates are currently ongoing with regards to the anti-deadlock mechanisms which are proposed by certain amendments. 


Prime Minister Robert Abela welcomed von der Leyen’s approval and asserted that Malta is moving forward with regards to the rule of law and the separation of powers.