Work Permit Applications Set to Reopen Shortly

14 July 2020

Non-EU citizens who want to work in Malta will be able to apply for work permits again shortly. 

This was announced by Alex Muscat, the Parliamentary Secretary for Citizenship during a parliamentary debate. Only third-country nationals who lost their jobs had their work permits terminated, whilst healthcare workers had theirs renewed automatically. 

Muscat said that the applications will be reopened in “the coming days”. Further, Muscat said that he is also willing to extend the validity period for these work permits, even hinting at a period longer than two years if the applicant is still employed. The third-country nationals would then be able to apply for their residency permit.

On the 15th July, travel restrictions from a further 28 countries will be lifted. These include the United Kingdom, Belgium, Bulgaria, Netherlands, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, China, Vatican City, Rwanda, Uruguay, Slovenia, Japan, Morocco, Thailand, Tunisia, Portugal, Romania, Lebanon, Indonesia, United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Jordan and Liechtenstein.

How can AE help?

AE regularly assists employers who wish to engage Third Country Nationals as staff members. Our team can advise clients on the optimal way to navigate the process. There are a number of routes into obtaining a work permit, each one devised for different circumstances.

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