New Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations

9 July 2020

Amendments to the Companies Act have been made by LN 248 of 2020. This legal notice is entitled the Companies Act (Shipping and Aviation Cell Companies) Regulations.

Cell companies have already been successfully established under the Companies Act in the fields of insurance, securitisation vehicle and incorporated cell companies and incorporated cells to carry on any financial services business. The purpose of the amendments is to allow companies operating in shipping and aviation to also make use of such cell companies.

What is a Cell Company?

Cell companies can easily be identified as their name must include the words Mobile Assets Protected Cell Company or MAPCC. These may now be formed as per Article 84E of the Companies Act. If a company is already established, it may be converted to a cell company if it is allowed to do so by its memorandum and articles of association.

Cell companies are created for the purpose of sectioning off certain assets. Assets of cell companies are divided into cellular and non-cellular assets. The assets and liabilities of each cell, as well as the share capital and income of each cell, are kept distinct from other cells and non-cellular assets. This offers better protection from creditors as they may only seek compensation from that particular cell’s assets. Cell companies are thus obliged to inform third parties that they are dealing with a cell company. 

Although each cell is created to be distinct from other cells, this does not create a separate legal person from that of the protected cell company.

The regulations also cater for transfer of cellular assets from cell company, liquidation of cell companies and cells.

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