New Year, No Fees – We are offering free consultations!

12 January 2021

As the new financial year starts, many businesses look to close off the previous year’s accounts. The global pandemic inevitably took its toll on many businesses, especially smaller businesses. Through several schemes and incentives, the government has tried to soften the blow and help these businesses out through moratoriums, tax schemes, and cash grants. 

Last week, the new wage supplement scheme for the upcoming year was announced, which gives businesses up to €800 per full-time worker per month, depending on their decrease in sales. Another incentive offered by the Government is the MicroInvest scheme which allows businesses a tax credit of up to 45% – capped at €50,000 over three fiscal years – of certain eligible costs such as refurbishment of premises and the purchase of ICT equipment.

Unfortunately, applying for these schemes may prove to be challenging for some businesses. Apart from that, businesses might not even know that they are eligible for these benefits. 

How can we help?

At AE, we believe in giving back to the community. If your business has been affected by the pandemic, the last thing on your priority list will be even more fees. This is why we are offering the services of our team of experts for applications to the wage subsidy scheme completely free of charge. This will make sure that your business maximises its chance of benefiting from this scheme, helping to save jobs and promote even more growth. Our team will also offer a free consultation session about which other government incentives your business could benefit from. 

Kickstart your 2021 and make it a fruitful year with the help of our dedicated team. 

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