Malta Business Registry Compliance- Documents required for the company

14 March 2022

The Malta Business Registry has revised its compliance and inspection processes, and large fines are now being imposed if documents are discovered to be missing from firm files. Businesses are expected to have corporate papers on file and available to deliver at a moment’s notice, and they should strive to be in a position to do so.

The documents required by a company are as follows:

Documents required for the Company

List A

  1. Organogram group structure detailing all layers and beneficial ownership interest
  2. Entity organisational chart certified as true and correct by a directors vested with legal responsibility (to be submitted when SMO/s are reported)
  3. Brief overview of nature of business entity
  4. Beneficial Owners Register
  5. Resolution Minutes of the Shareholders and Directors meetings, including AGM & EGM documentation
  6. Any Dividend Warrants
  7. Details of banking arrangements held by entity including name of bank, facilities held and authorized bank representatives and signatories
  8. Copy of Passport ID Card of the Beneficial Owners Senior Managing Officials
  9. Details of multiple citizenship that may be held by a BO
  10. Curriculum Vitae Resume of Beneficial Owners Senior Managing Officials
  11. Declarations by the Beneficial Owners Senior Managing Officials

Documents Required for each layer in the structure of ownership (including the Company)

List B

  1. Register of Members
  2. Share Certificates
  3. Share Register
  4. Memorandum & Articles of Association
  5. Share transfer agreements (if any)
  6. Agreements with the beneficial owners or Senior Managing Officials (Service agreement and or Fiduciary agreement)
  7. Fiduciary declarations (in case the sample includes a fiduciary relationship)
  8. Certificate of incorporation
  9. Details of any powers of attorney issued
  10. Details of bearer shares or promise of sale agreements (for shares) in existence
  11. Any other document which verifies the links between the indirect companies and the beneficial owners.

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