AE’s ‘Act to Empower’ CSR Program Progress Report

28 March 2024

It’s been five months since we kickstarted AE’s ‘Act to Empower’ CSR program back in October 2023, and we’re excited to share an update on our progress. 

The main aim of ‘Act to Empower’ is straightforward – to assists NGOs with their financial and compliance responsibilities. Compliance ensures these organisations operate transparently and credibly, laying a strong groundwork for their long-term viability. By aiding NGOs in overcoming obstacles that might impede their funding, our programme aims to strengthen the core of community-led efforts. 

Our first milestone, meeting our hour bank targets, is a significant achievement and a cornerstone of our company-wide initiative. It reflects a united effort, with our team generously contributing their time towards a shared goal of supporting these NGOs. This milestone underscores the dedication we’re proud to have fostered at AE – a testament to our collective commitment in creating positive change. 

Additionally, we have successfully shortlisted and reached out to the six NGOs we will be assisting this year: 

  • The Malta Foundation of Organisations of People with Disability (MFOPD) 
  • Victim Support Malta 
  • Opening Doors Association 
  • Friends of the Earth 
  • Malta Federation of Professional Associations 
  • Richmond Foundation 

We are pleased to report that the Malta Foundation of Organisations of People with Disability is already reaping the benefits of our support. We assisted them by reviewing and redrafting their statute, which is now ready to be presented to the MFOPD members for discussion and approval. 



“We have been exceptionally well served by AE Business Advisors. Their remarkable attention to detail was evident in how they meticulously tailored their services to meet our specific needs. Throughout our engagement, their accessibility and comprehensive client-focused approach made us feel entirely at ease to ask for clarifications and explore different options available to us. We thank them for their time and attention and wholeheartedly commend their professionalism and outstanding commitment to excellence. We extend our sincere gratitude for their pro bono assistance under the Act to Empower program.” 

–  Ms. Marthese Mugliette, President of the MFOPD 

This programme is also supported by Scope, platinum partner of Xero. 

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