AE Business Advisors adopts EOS model and shares long-term goals in ‘Vision Day’ event

20 September 2022

AE Business Advisors (AE) announces that it has adopted the “Entrepreneurial Operating System” internationally known as the EOS model. In order to communicate this important strategic decision, AE recently held a ‘Vision Day’ in which its values and vision were shared with the whole AE team.

What is the EOS model?

The EOS model was created by Gino Wickman over eighteen years ago and is based on Wickman’s own experience as a successful business owner. EOS employs a set of tools that help businesses clarify and communicate their vision, gain traction, and build productive, fulfilled work teams. In an EOS business, the ‘Visionary’ and the ‘Integrator’ are an essential part of the organisation.

The Visionary handles the future of the business, making the big decisions, maintaining key relationships, and sparking innovation for future growth. The Integrator manages the day-to-day operations, working toward keeping the team harmonious and productive and planning and executing detailed plans for maximum results. The Visionary post is occupied by Georg Sapiano, the founder partner of the firm and the post of Integrator is occupied by senior partner, Nicolette Spiteri Bailey who has been with the firm for over twenty years. The EOS model has been adopted by more than 170,000 companies worldwide most of which have registered increases in revenue, growth, and profit while delivering a better balance of life to business owners and leaders.


Visionary Georg Sapiano introducing AE’s core values

The Vision Day event

Nicolette Spiteri Bailey introduced the event by stressing the importance of having a shared vision: “If the company’s vision is not communicated within the firm, employees will struggle to feel engaged”, she explained, adding that when starting the process to adopt the EOS model back in 2021, AE had to refocus their vision. This entailed a rigorous procedure of rediscovering their purpose of ’empowering others so that they may achieve their goals’, defining the company’s goals, developing the company’s core values, and establishing an operating system.

Dr. Spiteri Bailey then introduced the founder partner as the new Visionary and asked him to present the firm’s vision. The chosen core values of AE are Resilience, Integrity, Client Focus, and Excellence and Georg Sapiano spoke in detail, and passionately, about each one.

As the event progressed, all heads of departments were introduced, each of whom shared their vision and clearly defined the specific goals for their department.

“With the introduction of the EOS model, everybody is now focused on their respective departments’ mission and goals,” said Michael Spiteri Bailey, Head of Sales and Marketing. He went on to refer to the Accountability Chart, a chart that depicts the functions of each department and the team members that are accountable for each task. This concept ensures there are no overlapping roles – providing clarity on the division of duties and boosting workflow efficiency.


Michael Spiteri Bailey introducing the new Accountability Chart 

Head of Operations and Finance Shaun Debono addressed the team, explaining that the department’s responsibility is to produce an excellent product in a timely manner. He also announced the introduction of customer satisfaction reporting within the department, further investment in training and improved reporting systems and tools. All these changes work together to align with the company’s core values and build on its purpose of empowering others so that they may achieve their goals.

Yury Tananaev, Head of Corporate, introduced his team and expressed his excitement at seeing the firm share the company’s short and long-term vision and goals. He added that AE offers 360-degree corporate services for clients ranging from small businesses to larger companies. The services range from incorporating companies and opening bank accounts to acting as company directors and providing accounting services, among others. He maintained that when companies are looking to set up their business in Malta, it is imperative that they do things right from the start. His team supports clients to set up their business in Malta in a way that is compliant with local regulatory frameworks, continuing to support such clients throughout their business journey.


EOS training session with heads of departments at AE

Partner at AE Legal, Kris Scicluna, emphasised the importance of confronting challenges and making changes whenever these were required. He expressed his view which took the firm to the next level, stating that the most challenging and exciting change is the one being experienced right now, adding that it’s the daily grind that will help AE achieve the goals set.

Apart from supporting company growth, Nicolette Spiteri Bailey explained that the EOS model provides more clarity since everyone knows exactly what is expected of them and the reason for it. This leads to less frustration and an optimised use of time.

The company’s Visionary Georg Sapiano concluded the meeting by praising and thanking every member of the AE team “for being the embodiment and the proof that our firm is unshackled by the limitations of gender, nationality, and age. We are open to everybody who wants to be a part of this endeavour”.

AE Business Advisors have adopted the EOS model with the guidance of KastellVP.

AE Business Advisors offers complete corporate and professional solutions to companies looking to set up a company in Malta, offering support throughout the business journey, ensuring all local compliance and legal regulations are adhered to consistently.

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