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    A person or company looking to establish an iGaming operation in Malta must complete a strict series of processes. The successful completion of these will result in the issuance of an iGaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). The application process is divided into three stages:

    Stage One – the MGA analyses all the relevant information related to the person involved in the financing and management of the operation. The applicant ‘s business plan will also undergo a fit and proper review.

    Stage Two – the business and technical aspect of the operation is assessed by the Compliance Department. If successful, the applicant will receive a provisional license that’s valid for six months in the form of a Letter of Intent (LOI).

    Stage Three – the applicant can begin operations, while also undergoing a compliance system audit to ensure that what is presented in the business and technical stage of the application process is implemented in the actual operational system. If all the relevant documentation and information required is delivered successfully to the MGA, the process leading to the provisional license takes approximately twelve to eighteen weeks.

    A successful and official license is issued for five years. If the operator has conducted itself professionally and fulfilled all its obligations, the license is easily renewed.

    Part of these obligations are the payment of all associated fees including:

    • Application Fees
    • Yearly License Fees
    • Renewal Fees
    • Approval Fees
    • Administrative Fees

    There are also taxes to be paid. These are a combination of Gaming Tax and Corporate Tax.

    How AE Business Advisors Can Help

    AE’s iGaming department provides both existing and start-up operators with comprehensive advice and support throughout every aspect of iGaming licensing procedure. Talk to our team to get expert, tailored advice that tackles each individual part of the application process.