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    We have years of experience offering clients everything from money laundering advice, to workshops andMLRO services.

    Prevention of Money Laundering in Malta

    With the constant development of technology, money laundering is a growing concern throughout the world. From the funding of trafficking and terrorism, to more white collar crimes like fraud, all reputable companies must ensure they’re working within the lines of legality. Malta has very rigid regulations on this front, largely migrated into the country from strict EU Anti-Money Laundering legislation. These establish due diligence requirements that must be observed at the initiation of a company, and all the way through to on-going customer relationships.

    How AE Business Advisors Can Help

    AE responded to the escalating need for anti money laundering advice by forming a dedicated team of highly experienced banking, corporate and financial lawyers. Our people work across a range of different business sectors such as gaming operators, credit organisations and other financial institutions to create solid compliance frameworks and procedures. Each one of these is designed to ensure that legislative and regulatory requirements are unwavering in their adherence to the law. AE meets these standards by providing ad hoc advice, organising client work shops for internal staff, and by providing the services of money laundering reporting officers (MLROs).