Although EU passport holders have the right to reside in Malta in light of treaty freedoms afforded by the Union, they must still register their official residency in the country within three months of arrival. The next step is to acquire a residency permit which, despite not being compulsory, makes dealing with the authorities and undertaking administrative formalities much simpler. AE can help applicants achieve this based on a number of grounds.

Insight from AE

How to get a residency permit

EU nationals are free to live and work in all Member States without the requirement of any special permits. However, this right does not automatically bestow residency. There are various options under which a European National may obtain a Maltese Residency Card. These include:

• Economic self sufficiency

• Residency on the basis of employment or self-employment

• Residency for family members of existing residents

• Residency for study purposes

How AE can help

While the right of EU nationals to reside in Malta is granted by freedom of movement treaties, the process of official registration is still a bureaucratic process. AE will make the experience easier by handling and filing all the paperwork required to obtain the residency card. We also consider that the parameters set for qualifying for a residency permit in Malta are fairly wide. AE can help clients decide the best basis for their application, working within a process designed to achieve the highest chance of success. The Residency and Immigration Department at AE is fully equipped in order to assist you in acquiring Residency under all the applicable schemes.