Residency & Immigration

Malta’s employment and business opportunities coupled up with favourable tax regimes make it an increasingly popular choice of residency for both EU and non-EU citizens.

Residency & Immigration Services

Becoming a Citizen of Malta

Learn what’s required to become a naturalised Maltese citizen, and how AE can guide you through the process.

Exceptional Services By Direct Investment (ESDI)

Maltese citizenship can be achieved by The ESDI programme.

Residency for EU Nationals

The team at AE can guide you through your residency application based on your individual circumstances.

Global Residency Programme (GRP)

Apply for residency in Malta through the GRP. Learn about the programme and how to qualify.

Malta Permanent Residence Scheme (MPRP)

AE’s dedicated team can advise Non-EU Nationals on relocating to Malta on MPRP status.

Work Permit Applications for Non-EU Nationals

AE regularly assists employers who wish to engage Non-EU Nationals as staff members

Nomad Residency Permit

Learn what is require to obtain a Nomad Residency Permit on the island of Malta and how AE can guide you through the process.

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Residency & Immigration Services

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Citizenship of a particular country can be bestowed upon an individual at birth, or it can be acquired at a later stage. Either way, it’s a valuable commodity that affords increased rights and freedoms. Malta distinguishes itself by providing one of the swiftest routes to citizenship for a suitable applicant and their immediate family. There are a number of routes to residency and citizenship in Malta. Among other factors, it’s imperative that your chosen path considers risks of dual taxation, residency in other jurisdictions and any previous residencies of the applicant. Our residency and immigration department is well equipped to handle all requirements related to residency and immigration to Malta. At AE, we offer a wide range of services to support you through the application process.

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