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With extensive experience in the IT sector, AE is proud to offer IT related training to help businesses of all sizes prepare for the new technological era and become ITIL 4 certified.

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In today’s complex landscape, with the constant and fast evolution of technology including blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud, quantum computing, and many others, the challenges with delivery and service management are higher than ever. No matter what technological advances are made, the ultimate service delivery is reliant on technology, which requires to be managed end-to-end.

This is where ITIL® becomes a critical asset. Established over 30 years ago and evolving across the years, ITIL® is a best practice framework guiding any individual, team and organization with managing services and delivering value. It enables a service transformation involving people, processes and technology and has been adopted by an endless list of global names irrespective of their size, revenue or industry.

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The evolution of ITIL® is now ready to introduce ITIL® 4 which supports faster, quality and value-driven delivery for people and organizations allowing integration with other methodologies such as Agile, Lean and DevOps

As the framework is on the forefront of service management, supported by the vast experience of its existence, an ITIL® certificate demonstrates an updated ability to managing service and providing value in today ’s constantly changing IT environment. Investment in ITIL® training has always proven to add benefit and ultimately value to the business and customer. This is realized through an understanding of common terminology, dimensions of service management and practices ensuring clockwork among the certified stakeholders, whether they are IT people or not. ITIL® helps you understanding the approach to improve service availability, manage incidents and changes, identify service problems, manage asset configurations and many others.

This is where we can help. Our trainers are established experts delivering ITIL® training in Malta and abroad over a number of years. With an amazing success rate, you will not only attend a training course but will go through a learning experience which will positively influence the attendees. The training is delivered through the support of FoxIT which is the TIL® Training Provider having enabled hundreds of organisations in over 50 countries deliver enhanced service levels through the adoption of ITIL®.

In summary, whether you’re new to ITIL®just starting your career wanting to boost your employability, or whether you are just looking at updating your long-standing service management career through ITIL 4, then register your interest with us, and we’ll be in contact to discuss the best way forward to your success.

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AE will be delivering ITIL 4 Foundation in Q1, 2019.


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