AEs specialist team of lawyers are fully equipped to advise on a range of insurance-related issues.

Insurance Law in Malta

Most of the legislation surrounding insurance in Malta is set out in the Insurance Intermediaries Act 2006, and regulated by the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA). The Island’s EU membership means that once a company has established itself in Malta, they can also operate in any other EU jurisdiction without the need for a local license. Since becoming an EU Member State, Insurance Law in Malta has been updated, making it even more accommodating to the business market. This is particularly true of the captive insurance market, or ‘affiliated insurance’as it is known in Malta. The more recent introduction of Protected Cell Company (PCC) legislation, makes entry to the captive insurance market far more accessible for companies that previously may have found ituneconomical.

How AE Can Help

There are several structures offering varying degrees of flexibility available to those looking to operate within the Maltese insurance sector. Not only does AE help clients decide on the set up most suited to the organisation, we also manage the application and ongoing maintenance of all necessary MFSA authorisation, alongside general compliance requirements. AE’s expertise spans a range of issues, including Captive Insurance and PCC legislation. Our clients rely on us to provide a complete range of insurance law support including matters related to tax, compliance, policy drafting, and dispute resolution.