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Being the first country in the world, Malta has worked its way towards a regulatory framework that allows financial innovation to flourish while protecting individuals, business & financial institutions.

Fintech & DLT Services

Almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin, but that is only one type of Virtual Financial Asset (or VFA) among many within the ever-evolving Fintech industry. The core invention is a Distributed Ledger Technology (or DLT), a database shared and managed by multiple participants.

It is this technology that has made cryptocurrencies possible. Its underlying data structure, called Blockchain, is held in a series of sequentially encrypted blocks.

Blockchain and DLT have been around for many years. Combining the two concepts, however, has paved the way towards creating a tamper-resistant computer system that can be applied to a wide range of practical problems, as well as create an entire new set of financial products and business models.

AE’s services portfolio with respect to DLTs and VFAs include:
    • ICOs, i.e. preparation of constituent documents and liaising with the Financial Regulator during the ICO process
    • Licencing, i.e. Assist VFA service providers through the licencing process
    • Systems Audits and technical support regards DLT and innovative technology arrangements
    • Business Consulting and Business Development in Blockchain and DLT projects

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