How We Can Help

Within the Business Advisory Department, our lawyers work closely with businesses to identify and decrease risk by providing simple, cost-effective solutions relating to the employment of staff, human resource management, training and health and safety.

Our services include the drafting and/or vetting of employment contracts. AE can deliver lectures and in-house training to management and staff regarding employment and HR issues (such as leave and maternity entitlement), Health and Safety Law, Sexual Harassment and Data Protection issues amongst others. We also assist with internal disciplinary proceedings relating to employees and representation in front of the Maltese Industrial Tribunal, Arbitration Panels, as well as First Hall of the Civil Court, unions and Public Service Commission as the case may require.

Our specialist lawyers in the Litigation Department have represented a number of employees on issues such as unfair dismissal, injury at work and negotiating termination benefits in the case of redundancy, whether individual or collective redundancy.

Our Corporate Services Division, on the other hand, provides employer assistance when recruiting third county employees who require a work permit. We assist throughout the process and liaise with the Employment and Training Corporation (ETC) on the employer’s behalf ensuring compliance with the law. It can be a one-off, standalone service, or part of a more extensive payroll service which we can offer through our accountancy outfit team.