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A company’s digital image is crucial to completing the customer experience loop. Making sure that your online footprint represents who you are as a company is what creates a memorable and lasting impression on your current and future clients. Digital marketing is a constant companion, applying itself at the idea stage, straight through to execution and beyond. It takes on multiple forms across all company communication touch points including websites, apps and portals, SEO performance and keyword identification, as well as full blown campaigns and multi-channel strategies.

Digital Marketing Services

We partner with specialists in the area who work with our in-house team to deliver results that make a genuine impression. AE offers digital development through analysis, branding and website development, complemented by digital growth strategies that focus on placing your message in front of the right audiences.


Digital Audits


Before making any changes, it’s prudent to first analyse the proposition as a whole. That’s why we always like to kick off a new client relationship with a digital audit. This measures the existence and effectiveness of your current digital presence and identifies the areas where improvement is required. We also recommend a competitor benchmark so that you can better understand the necessary trajectory and remain ahead of the curve in the long term.


Strategies & Campaigns


The goal of any marketing plan is to convert as many visitors as possible into business leads. Our multi-channel approach utilises a combination of content creation, PPC, social advertising and email marketing, which are customised and applied depending on what’s appropriate. Results are almost always measurable, thanks to back-end analytics and our easy to understand reports. We apply clear and compliant language to multiple channels in order to really hone in on the audience. We ensure complete understanding of your audience profiles before crafting an approach, helping to grow your subscribers list with the right people. We also analyse the success of each campaign to consistently improve your performance.


Content Writing & Social Media


Once a strategy has been created, the next step is crafting the content that speaks your message. Whether this is long form copy for articles and whitepapers, or snappier content for video posts and social media, it all requires the same level of attention. The goal is always the same, to put out uniquely engaging content that inspires loyalty and new subscribers. Where applicable, our content harnesses the power of SEO to increase your digital visibility within organic search results and improve the customer experience.




If you don’t plan to outsource your marketing efforts full time, then you must ensure your in-house team has the tools necessary to push your company in the right direction. We can offer coaching support across all applicable areas, from planning and outreach, to reputation management and everything in between. We’ll even create bespoke guides and structures to give you the tools necessary moving forward.

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