How We Can Help

AE offers specialist legal advice on both EU and Maltese Competition law. Mainly, our lawyers work closely with clients within the manufacturing and automobile industries that seek product distribution.

Maltese competition law which detailed in the Competition Act, which closely mirrors the competition laws of the European Union. Recent modernisation within the EU has given more regulatory and enforcement powers to national competition authorities. As a result, there has been a significant increase in the number of transactions that have been subject to legal review, and an increased need for high levels of diligence for the avoidance of such infringements.

AE’s Competition Department is well versed in drafting and vetting agreements for the Firm’s clients – with a particular emphasis on distribution agreements – To ensure compliance with the provisions of both the Maltese Competition Act and all aspects of EU competition law.
We are also able to offer legal advice with regards to various competition law issues including anti-competitive practices such as cartels and collusion, monopolies, abuse of dominance, privatisation, state aid and the treatment of intellectual property.

The AE Competition Team comprises many field experts. Our anti-trust lawyers have advised on a broad range of issues including those involving state aid and public authorities. Our lawyers have also worked extensively with clients in the manufacturing, distribution and automotive industries. One of our latest projects includes advising one of the new entrants to Malta’s LPG supply network. Our lawyers are known for helping clients achieve their commercial objectives while ensuring compliance with all aspects of Maltese and EU Anti-Trust regulation.