How We Can Help

Whether you are setting up a brick and mortar operation or an online business, AE is well positioned to give you all the assistance you require to start a business in Malta and benefit from the lowest corporate tax rate in the EU. Our experienced team of lawyers and business support professionals have been trained to look at the unique circumstances of your business, taking into account commercial objectives while giving you advice on corporate and tax structures in line with the relevant regulations and laws. AE is also set up to provide strategic advice to ensure you are well positioned and can take advantage of the best possible start.

By offering legal and accounting advice in tandem with company administration, we routinely deliver a seamless business service that eliminates unnecessary costs and maximises value and efficiency.

We are able to form companies in a variety of jurisdictions including Malta, Cyprus and the UK amongst others through our network of correspondent offices. Our company formation service is highly contoured with Maltese companies taking only two working days to form from receipt of fees and completion of due diligence processes.