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    AE can establish the necessary legal framework for various types of schemes that work within Maltese legislation.

    Collective Investment Schemes in Malta

    The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) can grant licences for Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) to any company so long as it doesn’t operate on the principle of risk spreading. Aside from being overseen by the MFSA, these Schemes are also regulated by the Maltese Investment Services Act. Legislation and regulations cover the licensing process, as well as the monitoring and ongoing supervision of such Schemes.

    How AE Business Advisors Can Help

    The way in which each fund is structured and operated will depend on its individual nature and competence. AE works closely with the client across the entire process to determine the best way forward. Our services include the drafting of all necessary documents and licenses, advising on all relevant legal matters, professional and strategic assistance, and acting as the primary channel of communication between the your company and the MFSA. AE will also prepare all applications, offer assistance with the appointment of anadministrator, manager, custodian,or MLRO and all other related services that may become necessary.