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As a result of the changes in Citizenship Laws which took place in the year 2000, the relative provisions are now to be found in the Maltese Citizenship Act (Cap. 188). Citizenship via Naturalization grants the individual the right to acquire Maltese citizenship upon application. A number of criteria must be met in order to acquire Citizenship in Malta. These include the following scenarios:

  • You are a former citizen of Malta;
  • You were born abroad to Maltese parents who are returned migrants;
  • You were born in Malta, you hold a foreign citizenship, and at least one of your parents is a citizen of Malta;
  • You were born to parents who were non-Maltese but one of whom or both subsequently acquired Maltese
  • You were born abroad and you are of
    Maltese descent.
  • You have worked in Malta for the past 6 years and have been physically in Malta for the last 6 years


At AE, our Residency and Immigration Department will be able to advise you on this option, and assist you throughout your application.