COVID-19 | Medical Benefit

2 April 2020

The Superintendent of Public Health has ordered certain groups of people not to leave their homes. Should these people be employed in the private sector and are not able to work from home, they are entitled to a medical benefit.

Who is eligible?

These people are those who:

  • Suffer from diabetes and is dependent on insulin

  • Are on biological medicines

  • Had cancer in previous six months

  • Are immuno-suppressed

  • Are undergoeing renal dialysis

  • Are pregnant

  • Were admitted to hospital for some respiratory disease over the previous six months

  • Had a heart condition in the previous six months

  • Are attending the heart failure clinic

  • Are on oral steroids

The benefit is of a direct payment of €166.15 per week for full-time employees or €103.85 per week for part-time employees.

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