Setting up your digital gaming company in Malta

27 May 2022

Digital Gaming in Malta

Malta has quickly become a lucrative destination for Digital Gaming companies looking to set up or move their business. The Maltese government has identified Digital Gaming as one of its main growth industries. With this in mind, financial, educational and regulatory assistance services have been rolled out to establish the industry.

Despite international scarcity of personnel in the industry, Malta’s gaming sector is proving to be fruitful through the aid of government investment and incentives. Malta’s initial investment in Digital Gaming talents properly began in 2012, where the University of Malta began offering both under and post-graduate courses in Digital Games whilst also using the Unity Game Engine, aiding in the creation of intricate games. The international Unity accreditation is now ranked in the top 20 Digital Games courses worldwide.

In 2018 the accreditation of Unity Game Engine pupils was introduced, helping produce an extremely competent workforce. Moreover, in 2019 there was the introduction of the Video Gaming and eSports Strategy in a bid to develop the industry further.

Incentives for Digital Gaming Companies

Malta offers a plethora of grants and schemes for Digital Gaming companies. These grants and schemes include:

  • Research and Development, and Innovation
  • Business Development Grant Scheme- eligible organisations can receive up to two hundred thousand euros in a cash grant.
  • Micro Guarantee Scheme Malta Enterprise- aiding in providing business development loans.
  • Aid rate for qualifying expenses between 15% for small, 25% for medium, and 35% for large businesses.

Why You Should Register Your Digital Gaming Company in Malta

Malta offers numerous lucrative benefits when it comes to registering your company. Below are a few of those benefits:

  • Malta has a competitive tax system: 5% net effective tax on company profits which can be reduced to 0% for holding companies. The Digital Game Industry may benefit from tax credits on eligible expenses, potentially lowering the effective tax rate in Malta to 0%.
  • Tax credit is to be deducted from tax charges and can be carried forward.
  • Specific tax grants tailored for the digital gaming industry.
  • Double taxation agreements: a vast treaty network, with the majority built on the OECD Model Tax Convention.
  • Tax laws are EU compatible, with swift and friendly administration.
  • If specific requirements are met, business transfers may be eligible for VAT relief.
  • English-speaking workforce, with English as an official language on the island.
  • Freedom of movement in EU and Schengen countries.
  • Malta makes use of the Euro currency.
  • Warm climate and various flight connections, with a focus on tourism.

At AE, our efforts are directed at providing complete corporate and professional solutions to Digital Gaming companies. We will help you set up your company and support you throughout your business journey, ensuring all local compliance and legal regulations are adhered to consistently. For more information contact Michael Spiteri Bailey on

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